Contract farming

ECTA is always open to new contracts and opportunities

 ECTA offers a "peace of mind" to our clients with already adapted farming and land development solutions.

Benefits - Contract farming allows to overcome land constraints ,production become more reliable than open-market purchases and decrease production risks , achieve regular supply and consistent quality of produce.

Company policy -  clear, transparent contract and compliance with the agreed terms.

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Introducing international farming standards to Myanmar

Agricultural machinery  and implements are vital to farm operations.  ECTA owns a fleet of vehicles efficient in land development and cultivation, planting and harvesting allowing to achieve quality product and high yields. 

Irrigation Design and Construction

Irrigation system:

ECTA  closely works with  the most trusted brand in the industry VALLEY Irrigation group and  adopted most reliable centre pivots - 8000 series.

Pivot system irrigation is the most water-efficient way to irrigate different types of soils. Water application efficiency  is 85 to 98 percent. Soil in Myanmar is reach in clay and sand where these type of pivots become handy , water applies slowly and lets soil to absorb water and avoid runoff. 

 Center pivots irrigate in a circular pattern around a central pivot point, with ability to apply water, fertilizer, chemicals, and herbicides.  With the years of experience farmers can say with the confidence that applying the proper amount of water at the proper time can increase yield potential.   By moving in a circular pattern water distributes evenly and does not allow for one part of the peddock to oversoak and the other part to be dry, like flooding.


Drilling Rig


Irrigation Construction

  • Hydro geological reports
  • Groundwater bore design
  • Drilling consultancy
  • Drilling services - mud rotary and DTH
  • Bore construction up to 600mm

Combination Rig Capable

  • Bores to 300 m
  • Boreters diameter 200 mm - 600 mm Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Diameter 200 mm - 460 mm Tungsten Hammer (D.T.H)

Land development

Farmland Cultivation


All operations can utilise Trimble guidance for +/- 4 cm accuracy.

  • application of herbicides
  • subsoiling to 50cm
  • ploughing, vertical tillage
  • seedbed preparation

Land Development


Earth moving to achieve - clearing, drainage, levelling and deep ripping,  Initial fertility correction applications.

Planting and Harvesting



 All planting with Trimble Guidance +/-4cm accurracy.

  • 8 row seed drill
  • 4.8m airseeder
  • whole stick cane planters (2)
  • cane billet planter




  • Claas paddy harvesters (2)
  • John Deere 9870i Grain Harvester c/w 8 row corn head; 30 ft small grain head
  • Austloft 8000 Cane Harvester
  • Hravest Trailers and Trucks

Post Harvest Grain Drying

Grain Dryer

  • 60MT batch dryer with biofuel furnace
  • bagging plant