Commodity Crops

ECTA  have experience growing a wide range of crops. These composition of our annual cropping program is fluid and changes due to market conditions. ECTA utilise international standards

of best practise to ensure full traceability of products and a high standard of food safety.

Sugar Cane

Utilising  GPS guided billet planting to achieve best establishment and the introduction of the first Austloft 8000 cane harvester system, we aim to achieve  high yielding irrigated cane plantation, in conjunction with regional milling capacity.

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Grains including Sorghum & Corn

Focusing on hybrid production of grain sorghum to supply the expanding market demand.

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Legume & Oilseed Crops

As a suitable rotation to our cane and sorghum crops - we are working towards establishing broad-acre production of Mung, Soy and Peanut crops.

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ECTA Sugar Cane Production


Billet planting

ECTA is focused on increasing regional production of sugar cane to support the viability of the development of internationally competitive modern milling solutions.


cane harvesting - minimum row spacing 1.5m, we can harvest at ground level at 50MT/hr.

  •  Introducing planting on GPS guidance to allow efficiency of multi row operations.
  • Introducing mechanised harvesting and billet planting technology.
  • Introducing pivot irrigation 
  • Focusing on effective nutrition programs and drainage to maximise land productivity

Real Results


Aiming to realise average yields in excess of 40 MT/acre by achieving optimal planting spacing, utilising fungicides at planting to reliable emergence. Accurate herbicide and fertiliser placements ensure optimal growth when utilised with sufficient and timely applications of irrigation.

GPS accuracy for row spacings and field levelling


RTX satellite provides +/- 4cm accuracy - allowing multi-row machinery to increase efficiency of field operations. Minimising costs to grower whilst maximising outputs. 

Crop Monitoring & Reporting


Scheduled monitoring utilising Trimble Agriculture Software and drone survey - providing up to date field records and analysis.

Transport Logistics


Utilising harvest trailers to keep trucks out of fields we minimise compaction from the harvesting operation.

Trucks deliver billet cane directly into the mill crusher giving a 2 hour turnaround - significantly increasing Mill sugar recovery and efficiency.

Grain including Sorghum & Corn Production



Main production period is dry season (with irrigation) to give harvest time of March/April.

Rice & Corn




Main harvest period January/February

Grain Harvesting


Options of :

Claas Crop Tiger - Paddy, beans

JD9870i Hillmaster - with 8 row corn head or 30ft small grain head - corn, beans, sorghum



suitable for planting a wide range of crops in 7.5cm spacing including: - beans, dryland rice, sorghum

Pneumatic Seeder


Foldable 8 x 75cm row spacings including solid plant fertiliser banding. Suitable for- corn, sunflower, peanut, soy & beans

Legume & Oilseed Production

Mung Bean

Several mung crops have been grown - working to assit in the development of Myanmar seed lines

Working to assist in the development of clean Myanmar seed lines. There are some concerns that due to variable maturity these seedlines are not proving so suited to mechanisation and we are considering impoting hybrid seed trials.



Whilst this crop has ready market, again we find the local seedlines have many shortcomings when it comes to mechanising and achieving high yield. We will import trials of tropical hybrid varieties to compare.



Import of hyoleic hybrid seeds demonstrate this crop to be a viable rotation in our cropping program



Still trailing establish the economic viability of mechanised peanut farming in Myanmar, Currently local varieties seem to have limited potential and we are planning to try some imported material.



Still trialling this crop to determine if some of the non shattering varieties have potential here to be irrigated and mechanically harvested. The requirement for specialised harvest machinery to handle small seed is a constraint.